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Elevating Safety in 2024 with Heightsafe’s Specialised Training Courses

Last updated: 30th January 2024

At Heightsafe, we prioritise safety above all, offering a range of specialised training courses designed to equip personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to work at heights securely. From Height Safety Awareness to Technical Rescue Training, our courses cover various aspects of fall protection and rescue techniques. Let's delve into the details of each training course and understand how they contribute to creating a safer working environment.

Height Safety Awareness Training Courses:

Heightsafe’s Height Safety Awareness Training course serves as the foundation for individuals venturing into the world of working at heights. Tailored for those in low-risk environments, the course covers essential aspects such as hazard identification, risk assessments, safe working practises compliance with standards, and understanding the dangers associated with working at heights. By equipping personnel with this knowledge, Heightsafe ensures that even in seemingly straightforward environments, the risks are understood and mitigated effectively.

Harness Awareness Training Courses:

Harnesses are lifelines in the realm of working at heights. Heightsafe’s Harness Awareness Training is a vital competency for operatives, whether new to the field or seasoned professionals seeking a refresher. The course provides a condensed yet comprehensive overview of life-saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, focusing on selecting the correct harnesses and lanyards for specific tasks. With a mix of classroom-based learning and hands-on experience in donning and doffing PPE, the course emphasises the critical importance of proper care and maintenance of this lifesaving equipment.

Rooftop Safety Awareness Training Courses:

For those working on rooftops, Heightsafe’s Rooftop Safety Awareness Training is indispensable. The course imparts fundamental knowledge on key hazards, safe working practises and the differences between safe and unsafe rooftops. Industries like telecommunications, where rooftop access is common, benefit from this course, which also covers legislation, hazard management, and RF safety. This specialised training ensures that personnel working on rooftops are well-versed in industry best practises.

Risk Assessments Training Courses:

Understanding and managing risks is at the core of Heightsafe’s Risk Assessments Training course. Aimed at managers and supervisors responsible for staff working at heights, the course provides a systematic approach to identifying hazards, evaluating risks, and implementing measures to mitigate them. By offering a practical understanding of risk assessment techniques tailored to the work-at-height industry, Heightsafe ensures that legal duties and regulations are met to create a safe working environment.

Technical Rescue Training Courses:

Heightsafe’s Technical Rescue Training caters to personnel in rescue teams, emphasising knowledge and practical experience in rescuing workmates in the event of a fall. The course covers emergency procedures, rescue equipment, inspection, anchorage devices, and various rescue techniques. Participants are required to hold a Rescue Level 2 certificate, ensuring a baseline of expertise before delving into specialised rescue skills.

Confined Space Training Courses:

In environments where working at heights intersects with below-ground activities, Heightsafe’s Confined Space Training becomes indispensable. Focused on advanced rescue skills, the course covers legislation, gas detection equipment, vertical access techniques, incident management, and rigging of rescue hauling systems. This course ensures that personnel are well-equipped to handle the challenges posed by confined spaces.

Heightsafe’s Training Courses

Heightsafe’s comprehensive training courses are the cornerstone of a safe and secure work environment. By providing personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of working at heights, we ensure that every individual is well-prepared to handle any situation, contributing to a safer and more productive workplace. Invest in safety, invest in Heightsafe’s training courses.

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