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Enhancing Safety with Heightsafe’s Kee Safety Systems

Last updated: 11th December 2023

At Heightsafe, we are proud to be part of the Kee Safety Group, a globally recognised supplier of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems, and safe access equipment for working at heights. As part of this esteemed group, we offer an extensive range of safety systems designed to protect personnel working at height and ensure a secure environment. In this blog, we will explore the various Kee Safety systems we offer, including Kee Guard, Kee Line, Kee Walk, and Kee Access Ground Level Safety Barriers.

Kee Guard: Protecting Workers on Rooftops

Heightsafe is a leading provider of Collective Edge Protection Systems like Kee Guard and Kee Guard Premium. Collective Edge Protection is the ideal work-at-height system to safeguard personnel from falls when working on rooftops. Whether freestanding or fixed, Guardrail Systems offer a collective solution, requiring no training to use, making them accessible to anyone who needs to access a roof with Guardrail protection.

What is Kee Guard?

Kee Guard is a modular, free-standing rooftop guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. The system employs a proven counterweight system, with recycled PVC weights providing a high-visibility, non-slip secure base. Galvanised fittings and tubes deliver collective protection, ensuring a safe working environment for anyone on the roof. Kee Guard is highly flexible, accommodating various rooftop configurations, making it suitable for retrofitting on older buildings and new constructions alike.

Kee Guard Premium: Compact Protection for Limited Spaces

Kee Guard Premium is an ideal solution for roofs with limited space, plant systems, or solar panels. It features a compact base weight, offering a non-penetrative solution. Kee Gate, which is fully adjustable and self-closing, can be used in conjunction with Kee Guard and Kee Guard Premium Guardrail Systems to protect openings like roof hatches, restricted areas, ladder and stairs access points, providing a complete collective solution.

Why Choose Heightsafe for Your Kee Guard Installation?

Heightsafe has built a strong reputation as one of the leading Work at Height companies in the UK, providing testing and installations of various Work at Height Systems. With the backing of the Kee Safety Group, we offer the same unrivalled service and expertise, with our Kee Guard and Kee Gate Systems manufactured and rigorously tested in the UK.

Kee Line: Effective Fall Protection at Height

Kee Line Safety Line Systems from Heightsafe are a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for fall protection at height when a collective system like Guardrail cannot be used. These systems provide a secure lifeline for workers while they are working on roofs and elevated areas.

What is Kee Line?

The Kee Line horizontal lifeline allows workers to be permanently attached to the lifeline, providing safe access to any area of a roof. The system utilises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and can accommodate up to three users. The system is designed with a Progressive Absorbing System, which deploys shock absorbers, intermediate brackets, and support posts if a user falls, ensuring the load applied to the building’s structure remains below 10Kn.

Safety Line Systems must only be used by professionals trained in advanced Working at Height and with relevant PPE knowledge. Heightsafe offers training to ensure safe practises for those accessing your site.

Kee Anchor – Portable Safety Line System

Kee Anchor is a freestanding Safety Line System for temporary scenarios or situations where you do not wish to penetrate the roof membrane but still require a Fall Restraint System for work at height.

Why Choose a Kee Line System from Heightsafe?

Heightsafe’s in-house design and estimating team create bespoke Kee Line Systems tailored to your site’s requirements. Our components are manufactured and shipped from our state-of-the-art Birmingham facility, and our engineers are highly qualified with extensive experience installing various Safety Line Systems.

Kee Walk: Safe Access on Rooftops

Kee Walk Walkway Systems provide a clear, level, anti-slip demarcation route for safe access on and around roof areas. These walkways are often integrated with Guardrail or Handrail Systems or Safety Line Systems to provide a comprehensive Fall Protection Solution.

What is Kee Walk?

Kee Walk offers a safe, anti-slip, level walkway for those accessing roofs in the course of their work. It protects the roof surface from damage and evenly distributes pedestrian load. Kee Walk is designed for various roof types and configurations, from flat to sloping roofs. It complies with the test requirements of EN 516:2006. Kee Walk is often used in conjunction with Kee Guardrail, Handrail Systems, or Kee Line Safety Line Systems.

Kee Walk Platforms and Step Over Systems

Kee Step Over Platforms and Mini Step Units provide a safe route for operatives navigating around specific roof surfaces. These platforms and step units are tailored to the roof’s requirements, connecting seamlessly with Kee Guard and Kee Walk to provide a clearly defined, safe access route.

Why Choose Kee Walk from Heightsafe?

Heightsafe, one of the UK’s leading Work at Height companies, boasts a team of experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years. Our collaboration with Kee Safety, which has developed state-of-the-art products over time, enables us to offer unmatched service. We have completed numerous Kee Walk installations for clients across the UK, providing safe Roof Access Solutions followed by comprehensive Compliance Testing Services.

Heightsafe a part of the Kee Safety Group

In conclusion, Heightsafe, as part of the Kee Safety Group, offers a wide range of fall protection and safety solutions that cater to various work-at-height scenarios, ensuring the safety of personnel and the security of your assets. Our expertise, high-quality products, and commitment to safety make us a trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable fall protection systems. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help protect your workforce and enhance safety on your projects.

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