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HSE Workplace Fatal Injuries 2022 Report

The latest Workplace Fatal Injuries in Great Britain Report, published 6th July by the Health and Safety Executive explains that the most common cause of fatal accidents to workers in 2021/22 continues to be falls from height.

Last updated: 09/08/2022

The Report, published by the HSE demonstrates that there is still a way to go in reducing the number of fatal accidents to workers in the UK. 123 people were killed in work-related accidents in 2021/22. 29 of those deaths were caused by falls from height, and 18 were caused by a strike from a moving, flying or falling object. Falls from height have been the most common cause of fatal accidents in Great Britain since 2017, which shows that there is more to be done to change attitudes and Health and Safety culture in workplaces to prevent such fatalities.

Although the rate of fatal injury (per 100,000 workers) has steadily decreased over the years, and the total number of deaths caused by falls from height has gone down to 29 for 2021/22 from 35 in 2020/21, this number still accounts for 24% of work-related fatal injuries for the previous year. Considering the vast offerings of systems that are available to protect workers when working at height – this number is still far too high.

Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace

Our Managing Director, Ken Diable has previously spoken on the issues surrounding Health and Safety culture in the workplace and the desperate need for preventative measures and more education to stop such incidents from happening. Back in 2019, Ken said, “Ensuring that the right safety equipment is available to workers should be a basic requirement. Unfortunately, it often takes an incident or near-miss to spur action and investment in equipment.”

Reflecting on Ken’s comments from 3 years ago, the sentiment still ring true. More needs to be done, 29 deaths caused by falls from height is 29 too many. The change needs to come from within organisations, Health and Safety should not be last on the list – it should be a priority when approaching any project.


Work at Height Systems from Heightsafe

Heightsafe offer a variety of Work at Height Training Courses, from basic awareness of rooftop safety to more in-depth rescue recovery courses. Educating people on the dangers of working at height and ensuring they have the correct knowledge is the foundation of preventative measures.

Heightsafe offer a multitude of systems to suit even the most unusual roof spaces. Our design team are experts in providing bespoke systems, from this Davit System to allow safe access to the Dock Gate at the waters edge; this Guardrail installation in keeping with the Grade II Harbour site, and this Overhead Fall Arrest Track to allow safe access while working on top of large vehicles – we have systems to suit all projects. There is simply no excuse for a lack of Fall Protection when workers are at height.

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