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The Importance of Commercial Gutter Cleaning

As the summer begins to make way for autumn, and the leaves begin to tumble from the trees, it’s time to consider commercial gutter cleaning on your premises, before blockages quickly result in costly and dangerous damages. Far too many businesses turn a blind eye to blocked or messy guttering, passing them by as problems to consider another day, but this mindset can cause you headaches further down the line. Engaging with a professional working at height company to provide industrial gutter cleaning at this point of the year will serve you best over the autumn and winter months, allowing you to focus on your business and the day to day, without any nasty surprises around the corner.

What are the dangers?

Gutters are designed to collect water and safely dispatch it to the sewer system, and for a good reason. The most common problem attributed to blocked gutters is the roof damage that it causes, especially during the frequent periods of relenting rainfall. The debris packed in the guttering prevents the downflow of water, leaving surface water weighing heavy on the roof and causing leaks and damages faster than you may think. Even if the water finds its way from the roof, it still cascades down the building and away from drains causing damage on its way. As the grimy water settles, this presents quite a probable slip and fall risk on the ground below, and potentially legal action to follow. Standing water, whether on the roof, on the walls, or the ground creates a habitat for mould to grow, and a mouldy roof is a far more expensive problem to solve than paying for Industrial Gutter Cleaning.

As the temperature begins to dip, and the weather turns unsavoury, local wildlife begins to look for a new home to see out the relenting winter months. Naturally, rats, mice, hedgehogs and birds seek out a quiet place to call home, with plenty of cover and warmth. A gutter full of leaves, sticks, twigs and moss is a haven for those pests, and once they set up camp in the gutters, the inside of the building becomes a very attainable goal for them. Similarly, flying pests like bees and wasps will hunt out a place to nest for the winter, and forgotten gutters are usually high on their list of habitats.

Foundation damage is another potential issue caused by blocked guttering that often isn’t considered. The weight of an industrial gutter, full of dense and damp foliage, can put a real strain on the outer structure of your building, and fallen guttering is a widespread occurrence in those gutters that haven’t been commercially cleaned by professionals periodically. Additionally, the constant damp nature of the gutters allows water to invade the internal structure of your building, degrading its stability in the form of cracks and erosions.

Gutter Cleaning before and after

Accessibility Issues

Working at height is the most significant cause of injury for a workforce, especially a workforce that has no previous experience with Working Safely at Height and attempting the feat without the correct equipment and procedures. Clearing gutters may sound like an easy job, but a simple job becomes very complicated at height, especially when there could be unknown inhabitants. You’d also be shocked at just how heavy the debris inside a gutter is, and how difficult it can be to clear fully.



Heightsafe are working at height experts with decades of experience, having completed nearly 15,000 projects, including hundreds of commercial and Industrial Gutter Cleans. The dangers of ignoring your blocked gutters are very apparent, and they become more dangerous with every day you don’t act. Torrential weather is imminent as the warm weather subsides for bouts of strong winds and heavy rainfall. One severe storm can turn blocked gutters into severe foundation damages, or at worst, a fallen gutter onto an unassuming employee below, leaving you liable for prosecution. Contact us about commercial gutter cleaning today, and rest easy for the autumn and winter months.

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