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Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation Surveys
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Dilapidation Surveys?

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Known to be a logistical challenge that costs businesses millions of pounds every year, Heightsafe’s expertise can help you minimise the cost and hassle of dilapidation works.

Claims typically arise when a Landlord believes that the Tenant may be in breach of their obligations to keep their property in a good working condition (as commonly set out in the lease). Costs for repair, redecoration and repair of damages are generally the biggest dispute between both parties.

Heightsafe will:

Provide written reports prior to negotiation meetings, helping you to understand any potential dilapidation liabilities and then work alongside you to implement strategies for managing risks and minimising potential liability. If required, Heightsafe are happy to negotiate directly with the other party on your behalf to discuss the level of works required and, associated costs.

Meeting with both the Landlord and Tenant on site, Heightsafe will agree a scope of works and provide a written schedule that is fully costed. With extensive experience in this area, Heightsafe’s Surveyors recommend scheduling regular meetings on the site during the work to obtain a full sign off at each stage – taking the stress away from both parties, and alleviating any possibility of further claims arising following completion.

Why Heightsafe?

Having a complete understanding of what is required by a Tenant to meet their obligations when heading to the end of a lease, Heightsafe are fully aware of the financial penalties that can occur, and the consequences if Tenants do not meet their obligations.

Working with both Tenants and Landlords, Heightsafe provide a 360 approach to Dilapidation services, providing you with confidence in a well-thought-out approach.

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