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Benefits of Fall Restraint Systems

Fall protection systems are utilised by workers and personnel who carry out tasks while working at height. These systems typically involve workers having their movements limited (restraint) or having a limit on how far they can fall (arrest). The main difference between a fall restraint system and a fall arrest system is that a restraint system prevents workers from going into a fall zone whereas an arrest system protects workers who have already gone into the fall zone and are falling. Although they are sometimes seen as separate safety aspects, they are both integral features of an effective fall protection system. However, fall restraint systems provide some unique benefits.


The main strength of fall restraint systems is that they prevent operatives from reaching any area where they could fall. This makes them especially useful in environments where work needs to be done along roof edges, such as the maintenance or cleaning of gutters. This feature can also be advantageous when there are other potential hazards such as fragile glass roofs or air vents which could contribute to a fall.


Fall restraint systems enable workers to have more freedom of movement while carrying out their duties. This can help work tasks to be carried out in a far more efficient manner while ensuring complete safety from all manner of risks and obstacles.

For more information about working at height and to view our great range of safety products and services, make Heightsafe Systems your first port of call.

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