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Heightsafe Launch Project Tracking Tool

Heightsafe has launched a unique online reporting software system which allows clients to manage their individual portfolio’s different working at height requirements – all in one inclusive platform.

Hosted under a secure server, the new tool can be accessed by all Heightsafe clients via the company website easily and conveniently; offering complete access to all important data, certificates, photos and site reports.

Available to use 24/7, the Project Tracking tool enables clients to search according to project site name, site code, notes, roof profile, system, and post code, so clients can view only the information and projects relevant to them.

The unique software keeps a record of when the latest safety tests were carried out on clients’ sites, when the next test is due, and the expiry date of any safety tests; ensuring that clients are constantly operating within the law and their sites are fully-updated according to health and safety legislation.

Heightsafe has also implemented email notification capabilities into the system, which are designed to alert clients and Heightsafe’s co-ordinaters a month before the next test date at the specified site. This way, Heightsafe can assure that all of our clients are aware of when the next test date is due, and ensure that sites are safe at any given time.

All Heightsafe clients will be issued with their own personal logins to view their reports, download other information relevant to the safety at their sites, and print any certificates when required.

If you would like more information, or to see how the Project Tracker will benefit you, please contact Heightsafe for a free demonstration.

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