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Tesco’s £500,000 Bill for Worker Bruised in Skylight Fall


Supermarket giant Tesco was fined £500,000 at Liverpool Crown Court last week after a worker fell through a skylight roof at a store in Cheshire.

Contractor Tesco Maintenance was fined £300,000 while Tesco Stores was fined £200,000. The two must also jointly pay £9379 in costs.

On 13 June 2014, Andrew Burgess fell through the skylight in to the Tesco Express store in Liscard, Wallesey and suffered cuts, bruises and muscle damage. Customers in the store accompanied him to a local NHS walk-in centre.

Craig Morris, prosecuting on behalf of the HSE, told Liverpool Crown Court that Burgess and three other workers were on the roof because of rain leaking into the store.

As the shop has a false ceiling, the skylights had been painted white along with the rest of the roof, but the skylights were not marked as fragile.

A colleague began marking around the skylights with yellow warning paint, but before he could complete the task Burgess fell through one of them.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the court also heard that workers had been on the roof at the premises on seven or eight occasions in the preceding five years.

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