Winter sucks for gutters!!!!….Or does it? #Winterprobs

Heightsafe Systems attended a site recently in Bristol to carry out a very straight forward gutter clean from ground level using our sky vac machine, which acts like a large hoover that sucks the debris out of the gutters very effectively.

However, given the bad weather of late, the circumstances had changed…

We surveyed the site back in Nov 2014 to establish a safe and effective method of work. The debris that was clogging the gutters consisted of the usual leaves, mud, occasional bush sprouting up etc. However, we were not commissioned to do the job until Feb 2015.

When we arrived on site, the debris in the gutters had frozen solid forming runs of frozen mud. It rendered our sky vac useless!

But never fear when Heightsafe are here – we consider ourselves to be problem solvers and as such have come up with several solutions to solve the problem.

The main concern for us were the pending maintenance issues that could present themselves once the ice melts. Let me put this into perspective for you – have you ever had to move a full fish tank? It’s heavy…very heavy! All of that icy debris melting and adding extra weight to the gutters can potentially cause thousands of pounds of repair bills.

So the moral of the story here is, planned preventative maintenance of your roofs and gutters can prevent you from having to react quickly to unforeseen issues caused by the weather.

Saving you lots of money! Kerching! £££££

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