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Safety Eye Bolts Services

Safety Eye Bolts Services
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Safety Eye Bolts Services?

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Safety Eyebolts are an effective way of securing a fixture to a surface to enable safety over a vertical surface, offering excellent strength and stability. Here at Heightsafe, we can provide a wide range of safety eyebolt services to help ensure fall prevention across various applications.

Our safety eyebolts can be used as abseil points in accordance with recommendations laid out in BS Code of Practice 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795. Our trained technicians can install the abseil bolts to assist in providing extra safety and peace of mind for those working above ground. Window cleaners and maintenance workers are just some of the people that could benefit from using such eyebolts.

We can also provide removable eyebolts for more flexible use. These fittings can be covered over to blend in with architecture and décor, providing an ideal choice for more prestigious buildings or those with a distinctive design that needs to remain unspoiled.

Safety is, of course, our paramount concern, so we also provide safety eyebolt testing services to ensure compliance with regulations. Abseil eyebolts need to be tested every six months, with other types requiring testing once a year. Once we have installed the bolts, we will notify you when you are due a retest so we can make the necessary arrangements to visit your premises and check the bolts.

Please have a look around the site for more information on our eyebolt services, and don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 604 6890 or fill in the quick enquiry form for more information.

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