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Overhead Fall Arrest Track

At Heightsafe, we understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety of personnel Working at Height. Our Overhead Fall Arrest Track Systems offer a robust solution, providing comprehensive protection in overhead, horizontal, and vertical configurations. Engineered for versatility, these fall arrest tracks are adaptable to suit various orientations, ensuring a tailored approach to meet specific project requirements.

Last Updated: 8th January 2024

Innovative Design for Superior Safety

Our fall arrest track systems consist of a permanently installed rigid anchorage rail and free-running anchorage connectors, all housed within a secure enclosed rail. This innovative design not only guarantees overhead fall protection but also ensures adaptability to different orientations, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Corrosion Resistance and Durability

Safety is non-negotiable, and so is the durability of our systems. Crafted with stainless steel components, our Overhead Fall Arrest Track Systems offer superior levels of corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability in even the harshest environments. This commitment to quality ensures that your investment provides sustained safety for personnel engaged in Working at Height.

Versatility Where it Matters

One of the standout features of our fall arrest tracks is their high level of versatility. Installable anywhere on the roof, these systems guarantee the most appropriate application for your specific needs. The flexibility of the system allows users to operate seamlessly in challenging spaces, such as the roofs of trains, offering a practical and adaptable solution for diverse work environments.

Compliance and Certification

Heightsafe’s commitment to safety extends beyond design and installation. Our Overhead Fall Arrest Track Systems meet rigorous safety standards, including BS EN 795:2012 (Class D rigid lifeline) and TS 16415:2013. Additionally, our tracks are marked with European Conformity, ensuring that they adhere to the highest industry standards.

Regular Inspections for Peace of Mind

We prioritise your safety by recommending regular inspections. While it is advised that fall arrest systems be tested for compliance at least once every 12 months, Heightsafe goes a step further, recommending inspections every 6 months. This proactive approach ensures total peace of mind, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

Heightsafe Systems Overhead Fall Arrest Track Systems

Choose Heightsafe for Overhead Fall Arrest Track Systems that prioritise safety, adaptability, and longevity. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative solutions can enhance safety in your Working at Height operations.

  • Overhead Track System Features
    • Superior levels of corrosion resistance, durability, and service life are all provided through stainless steel components
    • The system offers high levels of versatility, meaning it can be installed anywhere on the roof to ensure the most appropriate application
    • Flexibility of the system allows the user to operate in difficult spaces, such as the roof of a train
    • Safe and easy to use by trained personnel
  • Available for
    • Design
    • Supply
    • Install
  • System Orientation Options
    • Overhead
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
  • System Configuration Options


    • Fall Restraint
    • Fall Arrest


Why Heightsafe?

Heave peace of mind knowing your personnel are safe whilst Working at Height.

When you choose to work with Heightsafe for your Personal Fall Protection requirements, you have peace of mind knowing your personnel are safe whilst Working at Height. Highly skilled operatives are trained with all relevant certifications and regular refresher training to ensure the highest quality installation services are delivered for clients across the UK. Heightsafe’s expertise come with 50 years of combined industry experience, and support from some of the leading Work at Height manufacturers across the globe. Partnerships with these leading manufacturers, Fallprotec and XSPlatforms, ensure that main contractors and end users alike have access to the highest quality systems at the most cost-effective prices, whilst never compromising on safety.


Metres Installed


Buildings Protected


Clients Serviced

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Temporary Fall Protection Compliance Testing

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Height Safety Awareness Training Courses

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Keeping You Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with our friendly specialists today for free, no obligation advice on your Personal Fall Protection requirements.

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