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The Dangers of Falling Through Skylights

Falls through skylights account for almost a fifth of all deaths within the construction industry, resulting from an accidental fall from height. In this blog post we look at the risks posed by working near skylights in the winter months and how the right safety equipment can prevent potential accidents.

Source: Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

The Risk

Over the years skylights become brittle due to weathering and are prone to cracking, which can cause them to become even more fragile. In colder months skylights can also become covered in snow, leaves and moss, making them impossible to see whilst working on a roof. It is the responsibility of the employer, building manager, owner or duty holder to ensure the right safety measures are put in place, ultimately to prevent the risk of employees or contractors falling through skylights.

The Solution

Skylight Protection is the best way to avoid an accident and following a detailed risk assessment, our team of work at height specialists can provide full on-site analysis and provide you with fall protection solutions. Our mesh products can be fabricated in mild or stainless steel, with many finishes such as galvanising, powder coating and polishing. We can fabricate rooflight and skylight protection covers in a modular design, making a perfect cost-effective choice when it comes to skylight protection.


Our rooflight and skylight fall protection screens, (pictured above) eliminate the risk of falling through your rooflight/skylight and can be used on a wide variety of installations. Remember, the responsibility of employees, contractors and even trespassers lie with the employer, so it is imperative to ensure that measures are in place to prevent falls from height.

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20th November 2017 11:34 am

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