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Edge Protection – Guardrails and Handrails

Edge Protection – Guardrails and Handrails
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Edge Protection – Guardrails and Handrails ?

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Heightsafe supply a wide range of Guardrail Systems to suit your specific building requirements, helping to eliminate height safety risks that your employees or contractors are exposed to. whilst working at height. Our designs offer the flexibility to cover all roof types, whilst also providing a simple modular system that is easy to install for collective roof edge protection.

When you choose Heightsafe, you can expect:

  • A nationwide service for guardrail installation, supply only and hire
  • Very competitive pricing (trying our best to beat any like for like quote)
  • Quick response times when available, always in stock
  • Our specialist Work at Height teams carry out all of the work

Powder Coated Guardrails and Handrails

Available in many different colours, powder coatings are thick without running or sagging. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, enduring all weather conditions.

Aluminium Guardrails and Handrails

Manufactured from a high-grade aluminium silicon and providing a lightweight and anti-corrosion resistance. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings with very low maintenance.

Stainless Steel Guardrails and Handrails

Corrosion resistant and high strength. Stainless steel is a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use due to impact resistance and its nonporous properties.

Did you know?

It is recommended that all collective protection systems should be tested and inspected at frequencies not exceeding 12 months, dependent on frequency of use. Heightsafe also provide Testing and Maintenance, ensuring your collective edge protection is compliant.

If installing a Guardrail isn’t the right solution for you, Heightsafe also offer a full range of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems, providing you with an alternative fall protection solution.

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More On Our Collective Guardrail Systems

Benefits of Heightsafe Systems Guardrail Edge Protection Installations:

  • Our Guardrail is lighter being made of 2mm galvanised steel
  • Our guardrail system is weighted every 5m instead of every 2m, giving less load on the roof
  • 5 year Guarantee, with all fixings in stainless steel and sealed plastic caps on all ends
  • Classed as a collective measure and the preferred protection method if work at height cannot be avoided
  • Pay only once for your edge protection
  • Simple installation – fix and forget
  • Less Contractors on site – use general labourers or roofers to install
  • Fully compliant from day one

The HSE states that if work at height cannot be avoided, then the first and most safe method of access should be via collective measures.

Our systemised approach means that our guardrail edge protection can be installed easily and quickly using general labour without the need for specialist tools or expertise.

Most Contractors will automatically assume that they have to scaffold out a building and when works completed on the roof, have it dismantled and then install a permanent edge protection system up to comply with H & S requirements.

Only pay once for a complete edge protection handrail system that can be left intact after the roofworks are completed to form a permanent solution to protect anyone needing future access to the roof area.


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