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Access Ladder Safety Testing and Compliance

At Heightsafe, we understand the critical role that access ladders play in providing a safe means of ascent for your employees and contractors. However, it is imperative to assess whether these crucial components are compliant with the PUWER 1998 regulations. Our Access Ladder Safety Testing and Compliance services aim to ensure that your access ladders are not only suitable for their intended use but also adhere to the highest safety standards.

Last Updated: 15th January 2024

Regulatory Compliance:

PUWER 1998 regulations dictate that employers and duty holders bear the responsibility of guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of all work equipment. To be compliant, access ladders must meet the following criteria:

Suitability for Intended Use:

  • Our specialists ensure that your access ladders are appropriate for their designated purpose.

Safe for Use and Well-Maintained:

  • We conduct regular visual inspections and compliance testing, at least annually or more frequently based on usage.
  • Signs of deterioration, such as loose fittings, missing fixtures, snapped ladder ties, corrosion, rust, or bent/dented ladders, are promptly addressed.

User Training and Information:

  • Access ladders should only be used by individuals who have received adequate training and information on their proper use.

Health and Safety Measures:

  • Our compliance testing includes checking for the presence of emergency stop devices, suitable means of isolation from energy sources, clear markings, and warning devices.


Testing for Fixed Ladders:

Heightsafe’s specialist Testing and Compliance team conducts thorough inspections of fixed ladders, adhering to industry standards such as:

  • BS 4211:2005+A1:2008 (specification for permanently fixed ladders)
  • BS 5395-3:1985 (Code of Practice for the design of industrial type stairs, permanent ladders, and walkways)
  • BS EN 14122 (Safety of machinery. Permanent means of access to machinery. Working platforms and walkways)


Testing for Temporary Ladders:

Our dedicated team follows manufacturer recommendations and Ladder Association guidelines for inspecting temporary ladders, testing them to:

  • BS 1129 (specification for portable timber ladders, steps, trestles, and lightweight staging’s)
  • BS 2037 (specification for portable aluminium ladders, steps, trestles, and lightweight staging’s)
  • BS EN 131 (specification for terms, types, functional sizes; Specification for requirements, testing, marking; user instructions; single or multiple hinge-joint ladders)


Access Ladder Safety Testing and Compliance with Heightsafe

Ensuring the safety and compliance of your access ladders is paramount for the well-being of your workforce. Trust Heightsafe for comprehensive Access Ladder Safety Testing and Compliance services, where our experienced team ensures that your access ladders meet and exceed industry regulations, providing secure and reliable means of ascent. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and elevate your safety standards.

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading Work at Height, Roof Access and Façade Access compliance specialists!

With over 50 years of combined industry experience and a decade of trading, you can focus on core business activity as Heightsafe’s specialist Compliance Testing teams ensure your Work at Height, Roof Access and Façade Access systems are all effectively maintained and remain compliant with regulations. Working nationwide, operative teams are highly skilled and experienced, holding all relevant certifications and receiving regular refresher training to guarantee clients with the best quality results.


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Keeping Personnel Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your Compliance Testing requirements.

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