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Temporary Safety Railing for Stairs

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Temporary Safety Railing for Stairs?

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Adequate temporary edge protection can become increasingly difficult for construction sites, and even more so where open stairwells and landings are in place. Stairwells are commonly high footfall areas for both contractors and materials, so it is important to consider compliant protection.


The Stair-Safe System

Heightsafe’s Stair-Safe system provides a unique solution for temporary safety railings and comprises of telescopic rails, multi-angle swivel pillars and newel fittings – meaning that it can utilised on all types of staircases, concrete slab flooring and steel beam constructions. Easily adjustable to any size or configuration.

This lightweight and robust design requires no tools for installation and is easily transportable from site to site. Stair-Safe also has reconfigurable and reusable components that are suitable for use with virtually any wood or concrete stairs, and the system is designed and tested to BS EN 13374.


Available In:

  • Hot Dip Galvanisation
  • Electro plated
  • Metal painted

Finishes: Powder Coating to any RAL colour for high visibility

Available for:

  • Install
  • Supply


Legislation and Standards / Testing and Compliance

It is recommended under the guidance of PUWER regulations that Temporary Safety Railings should be tested and inspected for compliance at frequencies not exceeding 12 months, dependent on frequency of use. Heightsafe also provide Testing and Maintenance, ensuring that your access systems are compliant.

Contact us immediately if you see signs of:

  • Loose or missing fittings or fixtures
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Bent or dented components


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of staircase can this system be used on?

A: Heightsafe’s Stair-Safe system is suitable for use with virtually any staircase design. The system is lightweight and robust with reconfigurable and reusable components, making it easy to transport from sites.


Q: Will I need any tools or training to install the system?

A: No, the system is simple to configure and quick to install without the need for tools, training, ladders* or work platforms*.


Q: What type of application can the system be used on?

A: Handrail and barrier sections of the system can be used on all kinds of pre-formed concrete and timber construction staircases and can also be used on concrete slab flooring and steel beam constructions.


Why Heightsafe?

The safe choice when it comes to working at height, Heightsafe provide clients with expert knowledge and years of industry experience – meaning that you can have peace of mind, knowing employees and contractors are safe whilst working in potentially hazardous environments.

*depending on location

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