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Eyebolt Testing and Maintenance

Eyebolt Testing and Maintenance
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Eyebolt Testing and Maintenance?

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Heightsafe Systems operatives are competent and qualified in the installation and compliance testing of a variety of eyebolts. They are widely used by many, including window cleaners and maintenance workers. There are many different types of eyebolts used for various reasons including safety eyebolts, fixing an object to a structure, visual merchandising hooks for shop displays, and many more.

Heightsafe Systems installs, tests and certifies the following:

  • fixed eyebolts
  • abseil points
  • flush keelock type
  • removable
  • visual merchandising hooks

All eyebolts are installed and tested to the recommendations set out in BS Code of Practice BS 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795. All eyebolts, with the exception of abseil point eyebolts, are required to be compliance tested every 12 months via a pull tester to 6kn for 30 seconds. Abseil point eyebolts are to be tested every 6 months due to the nature of their usage.

What to look for:

  • Loose/missing fixtures and fittings
  • Vandalism
  • Missing tags
  • Structural damage surrounding eyebolt

The benefits of coming to Heightsafe Systems for eyebolt installation and testing:

  • All operatives are Work at Height Specialists who have years of experience in eyebolt installation and maintenance
  • Before and after images are taken
  • All eyebolts are fitted with a Heightsafe compliance tag to show that the eyebolts have been tested and are fully compliant
  • All clients have access to our online tracking tool which fires alerts to you and us a month prior to your eyebolts requiring retesting, ensuring you always remain compliant
  • You will receive a compliance certificate for your own records
  • Our operatives can not only install and test your eyebolts, but can also carry out any maintenance work should you require it.

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