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Safety Line Compliance Testing

Safety Line Compliance Testing
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Safety Line Compliance Testing?

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Safety lines are legally required to be inspected, swage tested and certified at least every 12 months.  There are many reasons why safety line systems may not be compliant and fit for the purposes they were installed for. The weather has a big impact on the stability of these systems, ie excessive snow will force the cables to slacken, and foliage growing around any part of the systems may prevent the traveller running freely.

Heightsafe, install, inspect and certify the following types of safety line systems,

  • Overhead systems
  • Horizontal systems
  • Vertical systems
  • Track systems
  • Internal systems

All safety lines are tested in accordance with EN795 Class C

It is a legal requirement to create and ensure a safe environment for personnel working at height. Without a tested and certified installed system, you can be held responsible for an accident or fall. With years of experience in cable system testing, Heightsafe Systems will ensure that your building meets all legal requirements and provide you with a stress free service by combining all your Work at Height requirements, saving you money and alerting you when your safety line system is due to be tested, ensuring you always remain compliant.

What to look for:

  • Travellers unable to run freely
  • Swage in the safety line
  • Cable tension
  • Fractured cable
  • Missing or loose fixings
  • Fixings to roof surface
  • Energy absorbers in good and fully working condition
  • Visible damage/Vandalism

It is vital to check the associated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for each safety line to ensure each piece of equipment meets the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards. Heightsafe Systems operatives will inspect all your PPE when testing your safety line systems and can supply you with a relevant PPE kit should you need one. We will then provide you with a certificate for all compliant PPE as well as the safety line systems.

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