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Mansafe System (Safety Line System)

A Mansafe System, also known as a Safety Line System, is more than just a set of components – it's a lifeline for workers navigating the challenges of elevated workspaces. This comprehensive solution combines stainless steel wire rope, sturdy posts, and precision fixings to provide a tested, approved, and meticulously inspected avenue for safe access when working at heights.

Last Updated: 7th May 2024

Why Choose A Mansafe System?

Mansafe Systems are designed to adapt to diverse scenarios, offering horizontal, vertical, and overhead configurations. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the work environment, be it rooftops or industrial structures, a tailored solution can be implemented to meet specific needs.

  • Tailored configurations to suit your unique work environment
  • Fall arrest and fall restraint options for comprehensive safety
  • Compliance with industry standards for your peace of mind
  • Rigorous testing and inspection to ensure unwavering reliability

Fall Arrest: Navigating Risk, Limiting Impact

The Fall Arrest configuration within a Mansafe System empowers workers to access areas of a roof that lie tantalisingly close to potential fall hazards. This configuration is engineered to be responsive in the face of danger. In the unfortunate event of a fall, the system kicks into action, dramatically curtailing the distance and consequences of the fall. In collaboration with appropriate fall protection personal protective equipment (PPE), this configuration acts as a safeguard against accidents. Furthermore, the system’s steadfast connection to the roof structure remains unshaken, enabling effective rescue operations or self-rescue procedures.

Mansafe Systems - Heightsafe

Fall Restraint: A Zone of Safety

Fall Restraint systems represent a proactive approach to safety. Positioned at a distance of 2.3 metres or more from fall hazards, these systems proactively prevent users from entering dangerous zones. Complemented by a recommended 2-metre lanyard, they effectively create an impregnable barrier against accidental entries into the fall zone. The rigorous testing standards these systems adhere to ensure that they not only stand strong against deliberate misuse but also guard against unintentional errors, such as improper rope and grab usage.

Meeting the Standards

Legislation and standards play a pivotal role in the world of Mansafe Systems. Regular testing and inspection, mandated at least once every 12 months, ensures the integrity and compliance of these systems. Standards like BS EN 795:2012, PD CEN/TS 16415:2013, and BS 7883:2019 are the cornerstones on which these systems are built. Such adherence guarantees the highest level of protection for workers who depend on these systems for their safety.

Mansafe Systems at Heightsafe

Mansafe Systems serve as a definitive emblem of commitment to worker well-being. With their precise engineering, versatile configurations, and adherence to strict standards, these systems offer more than just fall protection – they offer peace of mind. Whether it’s navigating potential falls or boldly restraining them, Mansafe Systems empower workers to conquer elevation with confidence. When choosing safety is non-negotiable, Mansafe Systems are the answer. Contact our expert installation team today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how Mansafe Systems can transform your approach to work at height.

Why Heightsafe?

UK industry leaders in the supply and installation of Fall Protection systems for Work at Height.

Heightsafe’s specialist teams work nationwide and are fully accredited with all of the relevant certifications to install and certify systems. With 50 years of combined Work at Height experience and partnerships with global industry leading suppliers, Fallprotec and XSPlatforms, you can be sure that your personnel are in safe hands when choosing to work with Heightsafe for your Personal Fall Protection requirements.


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Safety Line, Cable or Track systems used for Work at Height require compliance testing at least once every 12 months.

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Keeping You Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with our friendly specialists today for free, no obligation advice on your Personal Fall Protection requirements.

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