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Davit Arm Inspection and Maintenance

Last Updated: 30th January 2024

At Heightsafe, we take pride in offering unparalleled expertise in Davit Arm Inspection and Maintenance services, ensuring the continued safety and compliance of your Façade Access systems. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond supplying and installing Davit Arms; we specialise in providing a thorough and reliable inspection and maintenance regimen for these critical components.

Inspection Process:

Our Davit Arm Inspection process is meticulous and follows industry-leading standards. With a focus on compliance testing, our specialists conduct thorough examinations once every six months, tailoring the frequency to the load capacity and usage patterns of the specific Davit Arm System. Adhering to stringent guidelines, including BS EN7985 standards, our inspections encompass a comprehensive review of all components, identifying any signs of wear, damage, or potential issues.

Maintenance Services:

Heightsafe’s maintenance services are designed to address identified concerns during the inspection, ensuring that your Davit Arm Systems are in optimal working condition. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle repairs, replacements, and adjustments as needed. We understand the importance of proactive maintenance in preventing downtime and guaranteeing the ongoing reliability of your Façade Access solution.

Certification and Documentation:

Upon completion of the Davit Arm Inspection and Maintenance process, Heightsafe provides a detailed certification and documentation package. This includes a comprehensive report outlining the inspection findings, any maintenance or repairs conducted, and a certification of compliance. Our transparent documentation ensures that you have a clear record of the state of your Davit Arm System and can demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards.

Davit Arm Inspections and Maintenance with Heightsafe

Heightsafe is your trusted partner for Davit Arm Inspection and Maintenance. With a commitment to safety, compliance, and excellence, our specialist team ensures that your Davit Arm Systems are not only installed correctly but are also maintained to the highest standards. Elevate your Façade Access capabilities with our comprehensive services, providing peace of mind and assurance in the reliability of your Work at Height equipment. Contact Heightsafe today.

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading suspended Façade Access specialists!

Heightsafe are proud to be the UK’s leading suspended Façade Access specialists, with a decade of expertise working with main contractors and end users alike. Lasting relationships with industry leading partners and suppliers ensure clients are delivered with the highest quality products for cost-effective prices that don’t compromise on safety. Expert installation teams hold all relevant certifications, providing you with peace of mind and more time to focus on core business activity as Heightsafe act as your specialist Work at Height partner.


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Keeping Personnel Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your Façade Access Davit Arm requirements.

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