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Roof Access Ladders

Create a safe means of access to your roof space with our specialist Access Ladders designed for personnel Working at Height. At Heightsafe, we offer a complete range of services, encompassing the design, supply, fabrication, and installation of Access Ladders and Stair Systems. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the distinct requirements of your site. Whether your project involves intricate building structures or diverse access tasks, our offerings are flexible enough to ensure secure and efficient access for both your workforce and contractors.

Last updated: 12th April 2024

The imperative of safety underscores every aspect of our approach. Working at height introduces inherent risks, and our focus on safety is unwavering. Our roof access ladders and stairs are meticulously designed to comply with work at height directives. This unwavering commitment to safety not only safeguards those who rely on our systems but also aligns with regulatory standards. Our dedication to safety extends to the manufacturing process, where all products adhere to the stringent guidelines set by BS 4211:2005.

Access Ladders that Withstands the Test of Time

At Heightsafe, quality is synonymous with durability. Every component constituting our access ladder systems undergo hot dip galvanization to adhere to the BS EN ISO 1461:2022 standard. This meticulous process not only bolsters the longevity of our products but also fortifies them against corrosion. The result is, roof access ladders and ladder systems that not only provide reliable access but does so for the long haul.

Versatile Design for Varied Needs

Recognising that every project presents its unique demands, our ladder and stair system designs offer remarkable versatility. Our modular components and hoop configurations enable us to create ladders of varying heights and setups. This adaptability ensures that our solutions are tailored to your precise needs, irrespective of the intricacies of your project.

Expertise and Convenience at Your Service

Our dedicated Work at Height teams bring a wealth of experience to every project. From initial surveys to installations and compliance testing, their expertise ensures that every phase is executed with precision. Our roof access ladder systems arrive in a flat pack format, complete with comprehensive installation instructions. This ease of installation eliminates the need for elaborate construction equipment and expedites the transition from specification to installation.

Affordable Excellence

At Heightsafe, we believe that safety and quality shouldn’t come at an exorbitant price. We are steadfast in offering competitive pricing, coupled with our commitment to outdo any like-for-like quote*. This ensures that you benefit from cost-effective solutions without compromising safety or quality.

Choose Heightsafe for Reliable Access Ladders

In selecting Heightsafe, you’re opting for a partner vested in safety, quality, and customised solutions aligned with industry standards. For access solutions that blend safety and efficiency, Get in touch with us today.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do access ladders need to be fixed?
    A: Ideally access ladders should be fixed to the substrate, however where this isn’t possible, freestanding staircases can be supplied and installed.

    Q: Can access ladders be powder coated?
    A: Yes, Heightsafe offer a powder coating surface and all we need is the RAL colour.

    Q: What should I do if my access ladder gets damaged?
    A: You should prohibit any use of the ladder and call Heightsafe immediately. Our specialists will be on hand to help

    Q: I have an out of date tag on my access ladder, what does this mean?
    A: An out of date tag will mean that your ladder is not to be used until an inspection is carried out.

    Q: What regulations do access ladders fall under?
    A: Both fixed and temporary access ladders used in the workplace fall under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, PUWER 1988. These regulations state that it is the responsibility of the duty holder to ensure that any equipment provided to employees and contractors is: suitable for use and the purpose it is intended to be used for, maintenance is completed regularly, and the system is tested for compliance on an annual basis by a competent external party.

  • Did you know?

    It is recommended that all access systems should be tested and inspected at frequencies not exceeding 12 months, dependent on frequency of use. Heightsafe also provide Testing and Maintenance, ensuring your bespoke access is compliant.

    Heightsafe also offer a full range Access Systems, providing you with an alternative access solution; please contact one of our team.

    *subject to terms and conditions

Why Heightsafe?

Your specialist Work at Height partner with 50 years combined industry experience.

Heightsafe are the UK’s leading provider of specialist Roof Access systems, ensuring thousands of maintenance personnel are safe whilst Working at Height across the UK each day. All operatives hold relevant certifications and receive regular refresher training to ensure both main contractors and end users receive the highest quality installation services. As the UK’s industry leader for Work at Height products, services, training and advice, you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial or industrial property is in safe hands when you choose to work with Heightsafe – giving you more time to focus on core business activities.


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Keeping Personnel Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your access requirements.

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