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Roof Access and Fixed Access Ladders

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Roof Access and Fixed Access Ladders?

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Fixed Access Ladder System

With the advent of the new Work at Height regulations, whenever a roof or raised area requires to be accessed, this access must be undertaken in a safe and planned manner. Whatever your access needs or problems, a bespoke fixed access ladder system can be designed and installed to give you safe and secure access to any raised elevation with the inclusion of an access platform where needed.

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Our Roof Access Ladders are:

  • FULLY compliant with all Work at Height Directives
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the most recent British Standards (BS 4211:2005)
  • All vertical ladders can be constructed with either a safety cage or, where a hoop arrangement is not suitable; a fall arrest system can be fitted
  • Options can include a solid security panel fitted directly to the base of the ladder, with a padlock facility or a removable lower ladder section to prevent unauthorised access
  • All ladders are constructed, as standard, from mill finish aluminium, and comply fully with Ladder materials. Finishes can be altered to suit almost any specification with options available in steel, powder coated aluminium and glass fibre for complete corrosion resistance and no electrical conductivity
  • Whatever your vertical access requirements, we can design and manufacture a safe, strong and high quality ladder system to meet your requirements

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Our access ladder kit is a safe, simple to install modular ladder system that consists of individual parts which easily bolt together to form a fully BS 4211 compliant ladder.

All the components that make up the system are designed to comply with BS 4211 and are fully hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999. Supplied and delivered to site in a flat pack form complete with comprehensive installation instructions, the ladders are easy to install and adapt using the minimum of tools.

The convenience of using a modular system eliminates the need for site specific construction drawings and can speed up the process from specification through to installation.


Using different combinations of modular ladder components and number of hoops, any height of ladder can be produced to solve virtually all your access ladder issues


All ladder components are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461:1999 and all fixings are stainless steel


No need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment, arrives on a standard pallet to be erected easily by two men


Once installed the combined ladder system is designed to be fully compliant to BS 4211

General Access Ladder Specification

  • Stringers: 65mm x 10mm Mild steel flat
  • Cage Hoops: 50mm x 8mm Mild steel flat
  • Cage Straps: 50mm x 8mm Mild steel flat
  • Ladder Rungs: 20mm Dia Mild steel bar
  • Fixing Nuts/Bolts: Stainless steel

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