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Fall Arrest Ladders for Safe Working at Height

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Fall Arrest Ladders for Safe Working at Height ?

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Manufactured and tested in accordance with EN353-1, our fall arrest ladder systems have been developed to provide the ultimate enclosed track vertical fall arrest systems on the market.

Unlike other enclosed track systems, this system has a unique asymmetrical track profile, which coupled with its retaining carriage ensures correct orientation during insertion every time, without the need of additional bolt on guides.

With this system, not only can the user travel in a vertical direction, utilising the turntable section, the user may also move into an adjoining horizontal profile without disconnecting from the safety of the system.

The system incorporates notches within the track profile, which enables the retaining carriage to ‘lock off’ should a fall occur. These notches are also used for fixing various accessories and wall mounting brackets without compromising the safety of the user.

Our system has been used to provide complete fall protection for personnel in many different applications and environments. Typical uses range from maintenance access for telecommunications structures, electricity pylons, railway signals, towers and silos to roof access systems on extremely high commercial and industrial buildings.

Fall Arrest Ladders

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