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Fall Arrest Ladders for Safe Working at Height

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Fall Arrest Ladders for Safe Working at Height ?

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Adjustable to meet any height requirement, Heightsafe’s vertical access ladders comprise sections in modular form, meaning they are adaptable with little or no need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment – providing adequate fall arrest protection for users once installed.


Product Options

Heightsafe design and manufacture safe, strong and top-quality systems to meet your access requirements

  • To prevent unauthorised access either a solid security panel, or a removable lower ladder section can be fitted directly to the base of the ladder
  • To protect workers at height, safety cages and rest platforms can be installed


Professional Safety Ladders

Heightsafe have developed a fall arrest system for ladders that incorporates an enclosed safety track to eliminate the risk of a fall from height, providing extra protection for employees and contractors.

This compact system is the perfect solution where hoop arrangements are not appropriate or safe, as when used with a slip grip traveller and a shock absorbing lanyard, the system locks into place, limiting a user’s fall. This PPE is included in all of Heightsafe’s quotations for Fall Arrest Ladders.

Users can not only travel in a vertical direction when using this system as by utilising a turntable section, the user is also given the ability to move into an adjoining horizontal profile, without disconnecting. Speak to our specialists today for more information.


Available in:

  • Hot Dip Galvanisation
  • Aluminium
  • Anodised Aluminium
  • GRP
  • Stainless Steel

Finishes: Powder Coating to any RAL colour

Available for:

  • Install
  • Supply
  • Hire


Legislation and Standards / Testing and Compliance

It is recommended under the guidance of PUWER regulations that Fixed Access Ladders should be tested and inspected for compliance at frequencies not exceeding 12 months, dependent on frequency of use. Heightsafe also provide Testing and Maintenance, ensuring that your access systems are compliant.

Contact us immediately if you see signs of:

  • Loose or missing fittings or fixtures
  • Ladder tracks not running freely
  • Snapped ladder ties
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Bent or dented ladders


Frequently Asked Questions – Vertical Access Ladders

Q: How are vertical access ladders fixed and does this impact the weatherproofing of my building?

A: Heightsafe’s systems are fixed to the existing building, commonly to steel, brick, block or stone using plates, bolts, anchors or screws. System fixing details include the necessary weathering up to ensure that your building’s waterproof integrity is not jeopardised.


Q: How are vertical access ladders protected from the outside elements?

A: Heightsafe’s systems are manufactured with lightweight, anti-corrosion galvanised steel and are warrantied for 20 years from the date of install. Annual testing and inspection of the system will ensure that material condition is monitored and recorded for a detailed log, providing invaluable information for all users.


Q: Can vertical access ladders be securely protected from unauthorised access?

A: Yes, whether you are looking to prevent security breaches, vandalism or unauthorised access, Heightsafe’s ladders can have a solid security panel, or a removable lower ladder section fitted directly to the base of the ladder.


Frequently Asked Questions – Fall Arrest System

Q: Can fall arrest systems be fitted to existing ladders?

A: Heightsafe’s fall arrest systems can be fitted to existing ladders and provide a cost-effective option to traditional hooped ladders.


Why Heightsafe?

With expert knowledge in work at height, along with industry standard health and safety accreditations and certifications, you will be in safe and trusted hands when working with Heightsafe.

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