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Fixed Ships Ladders and Step Over Units

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Fixed Ships Ladders and Step Over Units ?

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Ships ladders manufactured from aluminium provide an improved means of access over the normal single run ladder when space permits. When considering installing any type of fixed ladder systems or external ships ladder stairs, it is always wise that the specification is outlined in the early stages of the design. Our expert team have installed many fixed ladder systems to include hoops, resting platforms and lockable gates where applicable.

Heightsafe Systems have many years of experience designing, fabricating and install all types of ladders for both traditional and bespoke applications.

As standard, our ships ladders are designed for use in the 65° to 75° range. All Heightsafe Systems’ access systems and fire escapes are designed in accordance with BS 5395: Part 3: 1985 and comply with relevant Building Regulations.

We recommend that the maximum vertical rise should not exceed 3000mm and the width between stringers should preferably be between limits of 450mm and 550mm.

External Ship Ladder Stairs

Where frequent access is required to a roof area or where materials are to be carried to a raised area, a staircase is the only option that complies fully with the Work at Height Recommendations and BS5395: Part 3.

We will design specifically to meet any site conditions, any location or alternatively we can distribute this as a ‘supply only’ product with quick and easy installation instructions.

Based in London and Cheshire, and already working in many commercial markets, we can help clients achieve their ideal custom staircases, incorporating the materials and finishes of their choice.

Our bespoke service offers external steel staircases to include many different designs, such as straight flight, quarter or half turn and even spiral steel staircases to make the best use of space. Each staircase can be fully customized with a wide range of guardrail, balustrades and tread options, thereby fulfilling the most awkward of combinations and situations.

Where the presence of roof mounted ventilation equipment or plant renders areas inaccessible, bridging steps offer a versatile solution. These combined stair and platform units enable personnel to traverse safely up and over any pipe work, or similar obstruction to access all roof areas for maintenance and cleaning.

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