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Proud of its reputation for high-quality workmanship and outstanding results that both meet and exceed clients’ requirements, Heightsafe’s project highlights range from end-users to main contractors
across the UK.

Roof Access Systems,

Edge Protection Solutions For Talbot Green Superstore

Talbot Green superstore faced the challenge of upgrading outdated roof guardrails to ensure the safety and efficiency of its maintenance processes. Entrusting Heightsafe with this crucial task, they sought a solution that would not only meet safety standards but also align with its commitment to excellence.

Roof Access Systems,

Pragmatic Roof Access Systems

The newly acquired warehouse in Durham presented Pragmatic with the urgent need to establish safe and efficient roof access. Heightsafe was entrusted with the task of designing and implementing a comprehensive solution tailored to Pragmatic's specific requirements and the unique characteristics of the warehouse's roof structure.

Roof Access Systems,

Roof Access Systems For Northampton Superstore

Northampton Superstore sought to enhance safety and efficiency in maintaining its extensive plant systems situated on its roof. Entrusting Heightsafe with the task, the objective was clear: design and install bespoke Roof Access Systems to facilitate seamless access for maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep while ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Roof Access Systems,

Safety Line Systems for Wrexham Ambulance and Fire Service Resource Centre

When Wrexham (AFSRC) approached Heightsafe, they presented a critical challenge: to facilitate safe and reliable access to the centre's roof for maintenance purposes. Recognising the importance of routine upkeep, particularly concerning solar panels and general roof maintenance, Wrexham (AFSRC) sought a solution that prioritised the safety of personnel tasked with such responsibilities.

Roof Access Systems,

Roof Safety Solutions for IBL Cold Stores

IBL Cold Stores reached out to Heightsafe with a specific need – to enhance safety measures for roof access of their warehouse. This was imperative for operatives involved in tasks such as solar panel maintenance and general roof upkeep.

Keeping Personnel Safe Since 2009!

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