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Skylight Fall Protection Covers

Skylight Covers

Specialist Skylight Fall Protection Systems safeguard your personnel, tools, and workspaces from potential falls through fragile surfaces while ensuring ample natural light. Accidents involving individuals falling through fragile roof covers and skylights are alarmingly common, making Skylight Fall Protection a critical consideration.

Last Updated: 7th May 2024

Skylights are a popular feature in various commercial and industrial buildings, serving as a sustainable source of natural light that reduces energy consumption. However, these architectural elements can pose significant safety risks, which is where Heightsafe’s Skylight Covers come into play.

Why Skylight Fall Protection Matters

Heightsafe’s Skylight Covers serve a dual purpose: shielding skylights from falling objects like tools and debris and providing a protective barrier for personnel, preventing them from accidentally stepping on fragile surfaces. When combined with other safety mechanisms and training, Skylight Fall Prevention Covers create a comprehensive safety net, substantially reducing the risks associated with fragile roof covers and skylights.

skylight protection from Heightsafe

Safety for Rooftop Access

Accessing rooftops is a necessity for various purposes, such as gutter cleaning, machinery maintenance, and surveys. Ensuring the safety of those accessing these areas is paramount. At Heightsafe, we work closely with you to select the right system for your building and rooftop needs.

Skylight Protection from Heightsafe

Protect your team and your workspace with Heightsafe’s Skylight Fall Protection systems. Contact us today to find the ideal solution for your building’s unique needs.

  • Skylight Fall Protection Options

    Our Skylight Protection Solutions

    Heightsafe offers two key Skylight Fall Protection options:

    Fixed Skylight Protection: This solution features a galvanised steel mesh cover that can support the weight of a potential fall, eliminating any pressure on the skylight itself.

    Freestanding Skylight Protection: A fully modular, easy-to-assemble system that fits both square and rectangular skylights, rooflights, dome lights, and can be customised for non-standard structures. It’s non-penetrative, ensuring roof integrity.

  • Meeting Legislation and Standards

    Our Skylight Fall Protection systems comply with various safety standards, including:

    • HSG-33 (Health and Safety in Roof Work)
    • HSE INDG 284 (Working on Roofs)
    • EN ISO 14122 Part 3 (Safety of Machinery and Access Equipment)
    • EN 13374-2013 Class A (Temporary Edge Protection Systems)
    • BSEN 1991-1-4:2005 Amendment 1:2010 (Actions on Structures)

    Customisable Safety

    For maximum visibility and safety, our Skylight Fall Protection covers can be powder-coated in any RAL colour. You can acquire these covers for supply only or opt for professional installation by our specialised teams.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How Is Skylight Fall Protection Fixed into Position?

    A: Our Galvanised Steel Mesh Skylight Covers are secured using tamper-proof Tek Screws with a Mastic Barrier for weatherproofing. Additionally, GRP framed Skylight Fall Protection systems can be attached directly to the deck or clamped to Standing Seam roofs, avoiding roof membrane penetration. Our freestanding systems are designed to be non-penetrative.

    Q: When Should Skylight Fall Protection Be Used?

    A: Skylight Covers should be considered whenever there are daylight solutions on a ‘working’ roof due to the vulnerability of the materials used in these systems. Skylight Fall Protection is an essential element of any Work at Height access strategy, particularly when working on fragile surfaces. To ensure full compliance with regulations, Heightsafe specialists recommend incorporating Access Ladders, Roofing Walkways, and Roof Access Hatches into these strategies.

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading Skylight Fall Prevention supply and installation providers.

Operating throughout the UK, with 50 years of combined industry expertise, Heightsafe are the leading choice for your Work at Height requirements. Specialist installation teams hold all of the relevant certifications and receive regular refresher training to ensure the highest quality results for main contractors and end users alike.


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Protect your property and personnel today.

Get in touch with our friendly specialists today for free, no obligation advice on your Skylight Fall Prevention requirements.

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