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Collapsible Folding Guardrails

Last Updated: 8th November 2023

Preserving the architectural integrity of historic and listed buildings while ensuring safety and compliance has always been a challenge. That’s where Heightsafe’s Collapsible Folding Guardrails come into play. These innovative edge protection systems provide a perfect solution for visually sensitive structures by seamlessly blending safety with aesthetics.

Unmatched Versatility and Functionality

Heightsafe’s Collapsible Folding Guardrails are designed to be both unobtrusive and highly functional. When not in use, they collapse completely flat and out of sight, making them ideal for listed and historic buildings. These guardrails are easy to assemble, and their unique folding mechanism ensures they meet the requirements of sensitive architectural environments. The secret behind their functionality lies in the ultra-strong hinged bracket system, allowing for easy folding and deployment. This system features an integral hinge and a removable stainless-steel lynch pin for added convenience.

Effortless Installation and Operation of Collapsible Guardrails

Installing these collapsible guardrails is a breeze. They can be erected in maximum 10-meter sections and can be easily raised and lowered by just two people. Their freestanding design eliminates the need to penetrate your roof covering, making them a non-invasive collective fall prevention measure. Key components include folding uprights, adjustable height, removable top riser units, stainless steel grub screws, clinch nuts for extra durability, pre-galvanized steel tubes, and the option to powder coat them to any RAL colour. The 2.5-meter cross rails are made from pre-galvanized steel tubes, and the handrails are pre-cut to 2.5-meter lengths, making them easy to carry, weighing just 20kg, and ensuring they won’t damage your roof’s surface.

Strict Compliance and Safety Assurance

When it comes to safety, Heightsafe’s Collapsible Folding Guardrails leave no room for compromise. They are tested and compliant with various industry standards, including:

  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • BS EN 13374: 2004 Class A
  • HSE INDG 284 “Working on Roofs”
  • HSG-33 Health and Safety in Roof Work
  • BS 6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code

It’s important to note that even though these guardrails are collapsible and may not always be in use, it is strongly recommended that collective protection systems are tested and inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Heightsafe offers Testing and Maintenance services to ensure your collective edge protection remains compliant and fully functional.

Preserving Historic Buildings with Collapsible Folding Guardrails

In conclusion, Heightsafe’s Collapsible Folding Guardrails are the perfect solution for listed and historic buildings where safety, aesthetics, and functionality are of paramount importance. These guardrails effortlessly balance all these requirements and ensure that your building remains preserved while providing top-tier edge protection.

For more information on design, supply, installation, hire, and compliance, contact Heightsafe. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your valuable structures and maintaining their historical significance.

Why Heightsafe?

Industry leaders in the supply and installation of Collective Edge Protection systems.

Specialist installation teams hold all industry standard training, with safe methods of work approved by the UK’s leading construction accreditation schemes. Have peace of mind knowing that when you choose to protect your personnel with Heightsafe, you are in safe and trusted hands with safety above all else. Offering a full 360 service for all of your exterior envelope requirements, with multi or single sites, Heightsafe are happy to help with free, no obligation advice and quotations.


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Edge Protection Specialists

Get in touch with our friendly specialists today for free, no obligation advice on your Collapsible Edge Protection requirements.

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