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Height Safety and Harness Awareness Training – Who Should Take Part?

Are you an employer or a duty holder? It is your responsibility and a legal requirement to ensure that employees are regularly trained to carry out working at height safely.

Work at Height Training Courses are designed to help you and your team comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and at the end of a training course, you should be able to:



Who should attend work at height training courses?

It is mandatory for anyone who works at height to undergo training and it is the employers or duty holder’s responsibility to ensure that this training is provided. If Work at Height personnel do not receive proper training, it will breach a number of regulations set out by HSE.


Why Are These Training Courses So Important?

It isn’t just a matter of what health and safety regulations state you should do, but it is also about the moral importance of protecting your personnel against the risks of Working at Height. It is similar to asking ‘Why is it important to learn how to drive before entering the driving seat of a car?’. The training courses ensure operatives know how to access the equipment that they are using, what to do when the equipment fails, and what to do in an emergency. Without this training, the risks of injury or death are greatly increased, as there are many health and safety breaches to allowing personnel to operate Work at Height equipment without the knowledge on how to use them.


Heightsafe Systems Training Courses

We offer a wide array of bespoke training courses and rescue plans specific to your individual site requirements and, suitable for many different levels covering everything from Height Safety, Risk Assessments, Confined Spaces to Access and Rescue.

Duration: from a few hours to two days, depending on your requirements.

Why Heightsafe? We are accredited by CPD and recognised by HSE, and we have dozens of experienced Work at Height operatives that have experience operating Fall Protection equipment such as Safety Line Systems, Rope Access equipment, Façade Access Systems and Lightning Protection Systems.

For more information on Heightsafe’s training courses, and to learn more about how to enrol and book your place, contact Heightsafe today.

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