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Heightsafe Halloween – Frights on Site

As Halloween approaches, this week we will feature some of the ‘frights on site’ our engineers come across when visiting new sites to rectify other company’s work, as well as some drastic before and after pictures of building maintenance jobs.

Last updated: 31/10/2021

The systems we install, inspect and test are lifesaving, and so there can be serious consequences when work isn’t done correctly. Our engineers see some shocking things, from unsafe installations to incorrectly tagged systems and this week we will feature just a few images from our teams on site; including woeful walkways, scary safety lines, gruesome gutters, and evil eyebolts.

All puns aside, these are very real images, and if our experts hadn’t been there to fix other people’s mistakes there could be fatal consequences.

We hope this series highlights the importance of choosing a company that cares about the work they do.

We value safety above all else, in everything that we do – unfortunately the same cannot be said for other Work at Height companies.

Wicked Walkways

As part of our Frights on Site series, we are starting with a drastic example of a maintenance job on a walkway system from our site teams.

Our compliance team attended as part of a routine inspection of the systems on site and came across substantial vegetation and build-up of debris which in the coming years could engulf the walkway rendering it useless. When they attended, they were able to kick away most of the growth to inspect the system, however a full gutter and roof clean was necessary to ensure the walkway was not consumed and damaged by the vegetation build up.

Leaving gutters and roof areas without cyclical maintenance can have costly consequences if it results in other systems and parts of the building being damaged and requiring repair or replacement.


Evil Eyebolts

Fall Arrest Eyebolts are an essential part of any abseiling system, providing an ideal fall protection solution alongside other items such as davit arm systems and abseiling anchors.

Eyebolts can be fixed, removable and reusable and are suitable for use with bricks, concrete and cavity walls. Our engineers often come to test these systems and find issues with previous companies not completing the work properly. As seen in the images, our site teams find eyebolts clearly that have not been removed correctly to test, resulting in some serious rusting, as well as previous compliance tags not being removed, with 4 years’ worth shown in the below pictures.

It is simply not good enough when carrying out compliance inspections to not do a thorough job. Incorrectly tagged systems that are used as part of a fall arrest or fall restraint system can lead to fatal consequences.


Gruesome Gutters

As mentioned previously in our walkways post, leaving gutters to build up and become blocked and full of growth and debris can have costly consequences for your business.

Not only can the mess be unsightly, but the added weight and inability for rainwater to flow freely can cause breakages in the gutters and flashings which require repairs. The weight can also cause leaks in the building, another expensive yet avoidable cost to your business.

We offer annual gutter cleaning as part of your cyclical planned property maintenance, yet each year we attend many last-minute projects that require a complete deep clean of the guttering and often requires remedial works too.


Scary Safety Lines

Our engineers often attend sites we have not visited before and come across various safety line systems that are installed incorrectly or unsafely or have not been properly maintained.

Safety lines must be installed to BS EN 795:2012 and BS 7883:2019 and inspected at least once every 12 months. The systems must be correctly tensioned and swaged and allow free movement of travelling devices. There must not be any loose or missing fixings or fractures in the cable, and of course there must be no visible damage or vandalism to the safety line system.

The above images show a safety line that has been incorrectly tensioned leaving a visible dip in the line, and the second image we wouldn’t even call a safety line there is so much wrong with it, not to mention the ladder. This unfortunately wasn’t on a site we attended but was spotted by one of our senior site engineers who reported it straight away.

These mistakes emphasise the importance of selecting the right company to provide your working at height installations and inspections.

Heightsafe are your Specialist Work at Height Partners

These mistakes emphasise the importance of selecting the right company to provide your working at height installations and inspections. Ensure you choose a company that will not compromise on quality when testing and installing life-saving systems.

Our fabric maintenance division can arrange annual cleaning and maintenance for your sites to avoid the costly consequences if left unattended; get in touch with our teams today.

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