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Are Your Christmas Lights and Decorations Compliant?

Christmas festivities are just around the corner, so, it is time to consider whether your lights and decorations are installed to the standards set out in regulations.In public spaces and high footfall areas, installation can be a risky task, so it is important to ensure that lights and decorations are installed both correctly and safely. Depending on the weight, size and location of your lights and decorations, risks can vary significantly - take a closer look at our top two things to consider:

Consider when fixing points were last tested and certified, and whether these fixing points have been moved since the last certification. Commonly, Eyebolts and Anchorage Points should be tested anually, or more frequently if they have been moved.

Once initially installed, lights and decorations should be inspected by a specialist (looking specifically at anchorage and load testing) to ensure they are in safe working condition – failure to have such tests completed can not only put people at risk but will also be a breach in health and safety.

Heightsafe can provide installation, testing and certification of lighting and decorations with compliance in mind. So, leave it down to the specialists this festive season! Book Now.


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