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Is Your Work at Height Training Up To Date?

It is essential that any persons required to carry out work at height, must only do so with the correct training and knowledge.

Last updated: 01/09/2021

It is essential that any persons required to carry out work at height, must only do so with the correct training and knowledge. They must understand the risks involved with working at height and the dangers that can present themselves. It is a breach in HSE regulations to let someone carry out such work without the necessary training, and employers are responsible for making sure their staff are provided with the correct training.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that “Every employer shall ensure that no person engages in any activity, including organisation, planning and supervision, in relation to work at height or work equipment for use in such work unless he is competent to do so or, if being trained, is being supervised by a competent person.”

Heightsafe Safety Line Installation Training Course

What ‘Work at Height’ courses do Heightsafe offer?

We have a range of Work at Height Safety Courses, for various personnel abilities and positions; from those just starting out in the industry to those looking to expand their experience or progress and become a manager or supervisor. We also have more specific courses such as our Confined Space Training Course and our Rescue Training Course.

Our Height Safety Awareness Courses are designed for personnel working at height, from those who have no previous knowledge of working at height to those who need to build upon existing knowledge or refresh their training for more difficult spaces and tasks. We also provide courses that are suitable for supervisory and management roles such as Health and Safety Managers who may be office based but would benefit from an improved understanding of specific legislation and what is required within Risk Assessment and Method Statements.

All our courses are recognised by the HSE, and we are a member of the CPD, and we have many other accreditations that mean we can provide such vital training. We have several experienced operatives who work for us, and we have had the pleasure of training many other operatives for clients so they can carry out maintenance and cleaning safely at height. Our courses are valid for 3 years, and we also offer refresher courses. They vary in length from half a day to two days and offer both a practical and classroom element to them.

Who can attend the ‘Work at Height’ courses?

Our clients vary for our courses, from small contractors to larger clients with specific maintenance teams who carry out leaning and other tasks at height. As mentioned above, we also provide courses suitable for management and supervisors to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of what their operatives are doing, and how to carry out their job safely.

What do the courses entail?

Our course content varies depending on the level of knowledge required to complete the course, for example our Height Safety Awareness Course is for those who work in low-risk environments, and so covers everything from identifying hazards and risks to understanding legislation. Our height Safety Awareness Course – Level 2 is for those with more pre-existing knowledge, and so goes more in depth and covers specific techniques such as using twin lanyard systems and self-reeling horizontal fall protection systems. All our courses can be tailored to our clients, and we ensure that their operatives are provided with the necessary information to carry out their role safely; whilst ensuring the safety of others around them.

Do you require Work at Height training?

Contact our team today or call 020 3819 7199; and we can discuss which course is right for you and your business, and provide a free quotation for a package tailored to you.

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