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Keeping Liverpool Clean for Eurovision

Eurovision is a huge event for the City of Liverpool, and so the public areas and surrounding city centre businesses must ensure adequate Planned Preventative Maintenance has been scheduled, both before the event and in the aftermath.

Planned Preventative Maintenance for the Eurovision Song Contest

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, has been a two-week celebration of music and togetherness, with estimations that there has been an influx of over 100,000 people visiting the city over the course of the event.



In the run up to a huge, city-wide event such as Eurovision, it is important to incorporate planned preventative maintenance and cleaning works into your facilities maintenance schedule to keep buildings and public spaces clean and tidy.

Planned Preventative Maintenance can refer to anything from general building works and repairs, to cleaning and maintenance of windows, floors, and other surfaces. The streets and buildings of the city centre will need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and graffiti to ensure the city looks it’s best for the millions of viewers who will be watching the contest on television from all around the world.

liverpool waterfront plaza 1821 heightsafe

Specialist Cleaning Services from the Work at Height Professionals

Heightsafe have years of experience providing safety systems for those working at height, as well as services testing systems for compliance, and providing cleaning and maintenance personnel for those hard-to-reach areas on various buildings across the UK.

Our teams specialise in accessing roof spaces and scaling building façades to carry out cleaning works, and do so to the strictest standards, ensuring the safety of workers as a priority.

Most recently, our facilities team were able to complete a last-minute window clean to one of Liverpool’s largest hotels via rope access techniques, ensuring their façade was looking it’s best for their guests!

Post-Event Clean Up Services

It’s also important to consider a plan for after the event; having that many people visiting the city on top of the usual footfall can cause increased rubbish and debris. This must be disposed of and cleaned up to prevent rodents, pests and a build-up of dirt and rubbish that can cause costly repairs if left unattended.

Heightsafe’s Range of Fabric Maintenance Services

Heightsafe offer a range of facilities management and fabric maintenance services that can be useful for businesses who are involved in large-scale events such as Eurovision. In addition to our standard offering of Compliance Testing, Building Inspections and Site Surveys to ensure your systems are up to British Standards, we also offer a range of Fabric Maintenance Services such as Industrial and Commercial Gutter Cleaning, High Level Cleaning, High Pressure Steam Cleaning, Façade Inspections and Building Maintenance.

rope access cleaning carried out by Heightsafe

Contact Us

Get in touch today for a quote for your site, either by filling in our enquiry form here or calling 020 3819 7199 where a member of our Fabric Maintenance Team will be happy to assist and provide a free quotation.

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