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Safe Escape with Heightsafe Fire Escape Staircases

Heightsafe offer custom Fire Escape Staircases installations, and can inspect and test your systems to ensure they are safe and compliant in case of an emergency.

Last updated: 06/10/2021

A fire escape staircase is an essential part of any fire escape route, as well as being an essential entry point for firefighters and other emergency services personnel in the event of a fire. Getting out of the building is a priority in the event of a fire, especially considering the added dangers of smoke inhalation. Fire escape staircases must be sturdy and able to withstand extreme temperatures. They often extend the complete height of a building, and so must be structurally sound from top to bottom to allow everyone in the building to exit safely, since lifts would be out of use in the event of a fire.

Fire escape staircases can take many forms, anything from just a couple of steps to a spiral staircase, to a metal staircase that zigzags the whole height of a building can be considered a fire escape staircase if it is part of the escape route in case of a fire. All commercial fire escape staircases must have a general minimum width of 750mm, although their actual width is dependent on the building itself and number of people the stairs will serve.

The staircase musn’t narrow at any point along the length of the stairs, and commercial fire escape staircases must be a minimum width of the doorway that leads to them. All internal fire escape staircases must be a protected stairway that is enclosed, and all helical and spiral staircases must be designed and comply with BS 5395-2. Any staircases that are more than 6m in height must be protected from adverse weather, such as snow or ice.

Example of Custom Fire Escape Staircase at Heightsafe

Heightsafe Fire Escape Staircases

Heightsafe offer custom fabrications of fire escape staircases, as well as other commercial staircases and balustrades. Our staircases are available in many different finishes, including electro plating, metal painting and hot dip galvanisation. We can also customise the staircases to any RAL colour in a powder coated finish, to suit your aesthetical requirements. Finally, all our staircases will be finished in intumescent paint to fireproof them.

The last thing someone escaping a fire should be worrying about is their fire escape staircase failing them. Fire escape staircases, and in fact staircases in general should receive timely inspections and undergo testing to ensure they are in good repair and will be suitable should they be needed in case of an emergency. Depending on how often the staircase is used, we recommend testing be carried out at least once annually, under the guidance of PUWER 1998 regulations.

Contact Heightsafe Today

If you believe your fire escape staircase has signs of corrosion, rust, bent or dented ladders, loose or missing fittings or fixtures, or any other signs of damage or wear and tear, contact Heightsafe immediately and we can carry out an inspection and test your system. There could be also be areas of wear and tear that are not immediately noticeable unless by a trained professional, as the layers of paint can be covering damage underneath. It is important your testing is carried out by a professional who can identify hidden damage.

Heightsafe can arrange your testing and assign you an account manager who will be able to advise on any other compliance inspections you may require on other work at height systems at your facility. In fact, our asset management system Prime will notify you in advance of when your testing is due, and any previous certificates and other information will be available to view or download.

Contact our team today to discuss your fire escape staircase needs.

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