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Fall Protection – Who is Responsible?

Working with our partners, XSPlatforms, we discuss who is responsible for fall protection and the importance of providing the equipment for work at height operatives.

Last updated: 10/09/2021

The responsibility of keeping those who work at height safe falls to more than one specific person; building owners, employers and employees all share their own responsibilities when it comes to fall protection, which covers anything from safety lines to guardrails.

Work at height by a third party safety line for fall protection

If you are reading this blog, you more than likely have some sort of responsibility when it comes to safety and working at height. Whether you work at height yourself, you employ others who work at height, or you hire external contractors to work at height, you will need to ensure they are safe while doing so.

Adequate fall protection equipment – whether that is a fall arrest or fall restraint system – is required and must be provided by employers and clients alike. If a fall were to occur, the same people must be able to show that the appropriate measures have been correctly put in place.


Regardless of the industry or job, employers are ultimately responsible for their employee’s safety. This is particularly more important when their job requires certain risks such as working at height. They need to make sure that employees (and interns, temporary workers, or third-party workers) possess the relevant skills and knowledge required to carry out tasks safely and use equipment in the right way.


It is necessary for employees working at height – even a short distance of 6 ft – that they make use of fall protection equipment. One important aspect of using such equipment is to have the relevant safety checks required before using the equipment. They must know what to look for, such as it being in bad condition, and must not use it no matter how small the task.  Working at height must never be undertaken if it will be in an unsafe manner.

Building Owners

Buildings need frequent maintenance, cleaning, and repair work to keep it in good condition and not let it fall into disrepair, and often this requires operatives to work at height to carry out such tasks. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure any works completed on their building are done so safely and correctly. This is often the case when they hire someone to carry out such works. Building owners are advised to ensure the correct fall protection is used along with any other important safety measures.

Everyone has their role to play when it comes to ensuring workers are safe at height. We all have our own responsibilities to provide a safe working space, free from hazards.

Warning sign fall hazard Heightsafe fall protection

This blog forms part of a series ‘From Zero to Safety’, Heightsafe have teamed up with one of our partners XS Platforms and will continue to provide valuable content to ensure companies are providing the safest environment for their workers.

Do You Require a Fall Protection Solution?

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