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Working at Height in Spring and Summer

The nights are getting lighter and temperatures across Britain will start to rise, but how does that effect Work at Height? In this blog post we discuss what precautions to take against potential risks and how the weather can affect your body whilst Working at height…

With more stable weather conditions and fewer chances of rain, you may think that Spring and Summer are the best time of year to Work at Height, however temperature is something to consider. Long term exposure to high temperatures can cause roofing structures to weaken, roofing materials to ‘melt’ causing a slip, trip or fall hazard for any employees or contractors at work.

The solution? Consider using lighter, preferably white roofing materials as this can help toward lowering your maintenance costs as opposed to black, brighter materials absorb less heat.

High temperatures can have numerous negative effects on the human body and, when Working at Height for long lengths of time it is important to be prepared! Work at height will often occur in an unshaded area such as a roof and where sun stroke/heat stroke are a high risk, it is vital to take necessary precautions. Take a look at our top tips for working in warmer conditions:

  1. Clothing – match your clothing to the type of weather, on high sun days ensure you have protective wear for your eyes, face, and any exposed skin
  1. Stay Hydrated – running on liquids, the human body relies on being hydrated, ensure you have regular breaks to drink enough water
  1. Protection – although it may not feel ‘hot enough’ to wear sun cream, UV rays cause harsh sunburn on unprotected skin, so it is imperative to apply this regularly or, wear long pants and sleeves to avoid excessive exposure
  1. Shade – don’t let your body over heat! Take short breaks every so often to go inside or, to a shaded area


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19th March 2018 3:11 pm

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