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Do You Have a Rescue Plan in Place?

Those who work at height on a regular basis know that sometimes accidents do happen. You can provide the very best training and equipment for your employees and still that occasional accident does occur. Workers get busy, preoccupied or careless.

That’s why it’s critical that you have a solid rescue plan in place which adheres to Health and Safety Executive BS8437:2005 -11.1.1. Once an accident does occur, your employees must work quickly to accomplish the tasks they’ve been trained to do.

Though training for falls can definitely make a difference, the average worker’s mind will retreat into a type of mental confusion for at least the first ten minutes. Those moments are truly important to the safe rescue of an employee who has fallen off a rooftop.

Workers must move quickly to rescue the fallen labourer. In order to do this, each one must know his task and carry it out quickly. Below are some tips for successful fall rescue:

  • Have monthly training sessions that include fall rescue.
  • Be sure to have first aid supplies handy.
  • Have your rescue equipment handy and make certain your employees know of its location and usage.
  • Have a plan for each individual rescue type and be sure you have this in writing.

That last tip is crucial for discharging your legal responsibilities in a conscientious manner. Remember: the safety of your employees is your primary duty and our job here at Height Safe Systems.

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