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Don’t Put Your Life on the Line

Obviously when working at height, a primary aim is not to fall. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan and the inevitable can happen. One way to ensure your workforce remains safe is by installing some kind of fall protection system. These are an essential piece of equipment and are usually employed to make sure that the person falling is stopped safely and prevented from suffering any injuries, and there are many different kinds of system for you to choose from.

If you conduct a lot of work on rooftops, then it is a wise idea to invest in a horizontal lifeline for you and/or your workforce. One of the four main principles of ‘falling safely’ is anchorage. A ‘lifeline’ does what it says – it anchors you to a fixed point, which will then absorb the energy should you begin to fall and prevent you from going far. Although we call them ‘horizontal’, Heightsafe Systems Ltd’s lifelines are actually flexible enough to be used vertically, around corners and up or down inclines, as well as horizontally, of course. Adaptable to many different roof types, they can be fixed to either directly to the roof or to existing solid structures. Each system is designed to your individual requirements to ensure a maximum of safety, and Heightsafe Systems Ltd are a market leader in height safety products which are also easy to use and install.

Should you be unsure as to whether a lifeline is what you need, then Heightsafe will provide a full consultancy process with you to work through the suggested system, design and installation.

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