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Don’t Risk It – The Importance Of Height Safety

There are so many reasons why height safety is important in the workplace. Many risks occur when you don’t follow regulations or use the proper equipment. Here are some of the many reasons why you should always follow protocol when working at heights.

1.    The risk of losing your job.
When you don’t follow protocol in using the right equipment, wearing the right gear, etc, and you have been told to do so, there is the risk that you could lose your job. And if you own the company, there’s a risk you could lose the whole business.

2.    The risk of a law suit.
If you are the owner of the company, you could be sued by an employee who is injured at work. Even if they have been trained and know where the equipment is, there is still this possibility.

3.    The risk of injury.
There is always a risk of injury when you do not use the proper guardrail systems or other equipment for roof safety. A f all from a great height can cause serious injury both to you and to anyone who may be on the ground below you.

4.    The risk of death.
When you don’t use the proper equipment while working at heights, a fall could result in your death. Don’t risk it! It only takes a couple of minutes to find and equip yourself with the proper gear.

In short, it’s always better to be properly prepared to work at heights. Use the guardrail, or other proper equipment. Don’t risk it!

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