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Eyebolt Testing: A Comprehensive Solution

Working at height safety is about several aspects of a safety strategy coming together to form a comprehensive safety solution. One of the most important aspect so of height safety is eyebolt integrity, and therefore it is important that eyebolt testing is given its proper importance.

At Heightsafe we see eyebolt testing as a linchpin in our height safety strategy, and that is why we offer a comprehensive three stage approach of testing, re-testing and certification.

As the integrity of each single eyebolt is so important to on-site safety, our approach to the testing of eyebolts is thorough and involves:

The removal and testing of each single eyebolt, by a qualified installer, with each eyebolt being examined and refitted and tagged or re-tagged.

In line with bs en 365, the examination of eyebolts and their re-tagging should occur annually, and should – by law – involve each eyebolt being tested for at least 15 seconds, via bearing a load of 6kn.

After testing, it is important that each eyebolt is tagged with PPE identification as well as the date of its next test. In the event that an eyebolt fails its examination, it should be labelled clearly with a “do not use” tag.

Due to the importance of eyebolts in on-site safety, all eyebolt testing procedures should be taken by a qualified individual, and all of the labelling should be done properly. Remember, incorrect adherence to bs en 365 could not only land you in trouble, but will directly endanger your employees.

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