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Fall Arrest Systems Where You Need Them Most

For a lot of us, site safety and height safety come down to the same thing. Whether you’re running a warehouse full-time or in charge of a team offering services such as roofing, guttering or window-cleaning which involve working at height, chances are that the greatest risk you face is a height safety risk. That’s why the legislation surrounding work that involves height, be that harnessed roof work or site scaffolding, is as strict as it is. With the best will in the world it can be a challenge staying up to date with health and safety regulations on site. We know that the best companies want to comply with legislation like BS EN 365, which calls for the supply and maintenance of ‘personal protective equipment against falls from a height’, not because they want to stay out of trouble but because they want to keep their workers safe.

If you’re among them, choose a reputable independent company which supplies comprehensive fall arrest systems. Not only does Heightsafe supply everything you need at a good price and fully guaranteed, from the nuts and bolts to the requisite testing and maintenance – we are also fluent in the law when it comes to height safety. Consulting with our highly trained staff about what your site or service needs can help you stay up to date and out of trouble. That’s good for your team, good for your company, and good for you.

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