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Fall Protection: Eliminate the Hazard

The dangers inherent to working at height can never be completely eliminated. However, with the right fall protection strategy in place, the dangers can be decreased and made as minute as possible. If the success of your fall protection strategy is to be assured then the efficiency of all its aspects needs to optimised.

At Heightsafe, we can help you to meet the particularly stringent demands of roof safety, ensuring that everything from your guardrail systems to your ladder systems are not only meeting HSE guidelines, but exceeding them, thereby optimising the safety of your employees.

One of the most effective measures you can take to bolster working at height safety is to install a guardrail, which essentially acts as a durable barrier between your employees and a potential falling accident. They are perfect for a range of challenging situations, such as occasions of poor weather, when working at height can be especially dangerous.

Whilst at Heightsafe our fall protection systems are highly effective, we understand that safety equipment can often impact the efficiency of employees. That is why we offer versatile systems that ensure that both your employee is protected and that, importantly, his or her movement isn’t impaired.

In this regard, our vertical and horizontal lifelines are perfect for working at height situations where you wish to maintain the agility of your employees, as they will “move along the rail” after your employee.

So, not only is roof safety fundamental important, but it needn’t come at the cost of decreased employee flexibility, and instead at Heightsafe our systems are geared to suit you, offering usability  alongside heightened safety.

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