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Falls from Height are One of the Biggest Workplace Dangers

If you operate a business that involves you or those under your command working at height, you should be aware that you are involved in dangerous activities.

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector Steve Kirton, falls from height as a result of a lack of equipment such as guardrail systems and roof safety measures remain one of the biggest dangers for employees.

He suggested that accidents that occur as a result of falls account for many fatalities and injuries.

His comments were made in response to the prosecution of a company that was found to have endangered its staff members.

The organisation had failed to act on an improvement notice served by the HSE in relation to a continuous risk of a fall from height.

Recently, City of London Magistrates heard that a doorway used by the business that stood around four metres from the ground and was used to load and unload goods from a forklift truck was continually kept open despite the possibility someone could fall.

Although the risk had been highlighted in a visit to the factory in July last year, no action had been taken by December.

As a result of the breaches, a fine was issued and the company had to cover legal costs.

If you want to protect workers and avoid such legal problems, you should have a careful look at your operating procedures and establish whether or not anything should be improved.

Any areas of concern should be dealt with immediately.

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