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Firm in court after seriously injured worker

A building and joinery firm based in Aberdeen have been sentenced after a worker suffered major injuries when falling 3 meters from scaffolding that he was dismantling.

John Wilson, 47 broke his left ankle, damaged ligaments in his right ankle and was knocked unconscious and his head was cut. As a result of these injuries he was in hospital and plastered up for 6 long weeks.

The specialist Health and Safety Division prosecuted Mr. Wilson’s employer (Rae Brown & Company Ltd) for breaching safety regulations.

The court heard that Mr. Wilson was asked by Rae Brown to move the scaffolding and transport it to another site. He, his colleague and an apprentice arrived at the site and the two scaffolding towers had been erected.

As Mr. Wilson dismantled the scaffolding, he removed some elements which left the poles unstable. As the poles moved, the metal board he was standing on moved and fell, taking Mr. Wilson with him.

The HSE’s inspection found that Mr. Wilson or the apprentice working alongside him did not receive proper training in the use of the scaffolding that they were using.

Rae Brown & Company Limited, was fined £4,000 after pleading guilty to the breach of Health and Safety at Work regulations.


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