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Fixed Guardrails, Toe Boards, Self-closing Gates, Skylight Protection and a Staircase Installation

Phase 1 of a project completed at an installation we have been working on throughout July on a manufacturing plant in the North East. Heightsafe Systems Ltd

Case study – Installation moves up a gear: Phase 1 complete.

The first phase of works undertaken through July has been successfully completed on a gearbox manufacturing plant in the Northeast. The factory, which builds and supplies all car and van gearboxes for a leading motor manufacturer, was in need of a programme of works which we are delighted to have made significant headway with.

For many years our client has employed a method of installing temporary scaffolding to enable safe access to roof areas for the periodic inspections of their plant and equipment. This however has caused considerable costs to them over the years and the point was reached whereby a new, cost-effective and future-proof solution was needed.

So the client instructed Heightsafe Systems to provide a permanent and collective solution that enables their maintenance employees to access the roof area at any given time with next to no risk. The project included the installation of fixed guardrails with toe boards at the sloping ends, self-closing gates, skylight protection and a staircase for access between two roof levels.

Following this success, Phase 2 is due to begin early next year.

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