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Get eyebolt certification & ensure employee safety

Eyebolts are a crucial tool when it comes to safeguarding fall protection. Eyebolts are vital when using harness equipment when working at height, yet there is always a danger that they may not have been installed into the area properly, endangering your workers’ safety.

To ensure eyebolts are safe, they must be accurately drilled, tested, retested and certified by experts before employees are allowed to use them. Like most safety equipment, eyebolts must conform to specific British regulation standards

At Heightsafe Systems, we are fully trained and insured when dealing with eyebolts and the regulations surrounding them.  When signing up with our services, each anchor will be removed from the wall and examined, refitted and re-labelled annually.

Each of the eyebolts will be tested for fifteen seconds with our specialist equipment to ensure they can hold a sustainable weight. Each of the eyebolts will then be fitted with its own unique ID tag, specifying its next date to be checked. Should the eyebolt be faulty, it will be fitted with the appropriate label or removed completely.

When we have tested all eyebolts and are satisfied they meet with regulations, you will be issued with a test certificate and location sheets, which show the location of all eyebolts and which ones are safe to use and which aren’t.

When installed and properly tested, eyebolts are one of the most-assured forms of fall protection available. For expert testing, contact Heightsafe Systems today and we will arrange for a certified expert to test the suitability of your eyebolts, and guarantee peace of mind.

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