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Get Peace Of Mind By Testing Edge Protection

If your firm conducts work at height, you will no doubt be aware of the possible dangers involved. After all, activities such as construction work, maintenance duties, window cleaning, decorating, engineering and so on are riddled with danger.

What might be a minor accident if it were to happen at ground level can prove serious and even fatal when it occurs high up.

These dangers do not mean everyone involved in such endeavours should immediately stop what they are doing. However, it does mean that great care must be taken to protect them.

The use of fall arrest systems can be extremely helpful in this regard. But, if you have had such equipment for a while, you might be concerned about its quality. This is where we come in. Here at Heightsafe Systems, we can re-test your equipment to see whether or not it is functioning correctly.

Indeed, we are able to inspect, pull test, tag, repair and recertify provisions made by a range of manufacturers. And, if your test proves that your apparatus is sound, we will issue you with a detailed report and certificate.

Once you know that the edge protection and other provisions being used by your staff members are safe, you might well be able to enjoy greater peace of mind.

And of course these assessments can help you identify potentially dangerous faults, meaning they might help you prevent accidents and injuries.

To find out more about the tests we can conduct on guardrail fall protection and other such provisions, simply take a look around our website.

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