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Government Occupational Health Advice Line Launched

A new government-run Occupational Health Advice line has been set up especially for small business owners to help them better manage the safety of their staff. Currently being piloted in England, Wales and Scotland, the current scheme will run through to at least the end of March 2013 and is aiming to give professional advice to those wishing to understand more about fall protection and other safety measures to protect their clients in all aspects of their employment.

Accessible to managers and employers of small businesses, the advice line is tailored to business safety and will be able to offer responses to individual health issues from employees. The goal is to provide key safety information to small businesses that employ between 0-249 staff members in England and Wales, whilst the service in Scotland will be open to all businesses of all sizes.

The details for each region are as follows:

Website – http://www.health4work.nhs.uk/
Telephone – 0800 0 77 88 44

Website – http://www.healthyworkinglives.com/
Telephone – 0800 019 2211

Website – http://www.healthyworkingwales.com/
Telephone – 0800 107 0900

This service will be especially useful for those small businesses in the construction trade who have had employees absent for a period of time returning to work and how to best manage their condition so as no relapse occurs. It can also offer advice on how to develop a working culture and cut rates of illness – something especially crucial in the world of construction where a fully-functioning team is essential.

To find out more about what the service can offer in your region, click on their respective link or telephone them during normal working hours.

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