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Guard employee safety with guardrails

Safety is paramount in the construction and engineering industry, especially when working at height. In fact, since 2007 it has been a legal requirement for all construction companies to ensure the safety of their employees when working at height thanks to the Work at Height Regulations Act. Businesses are required to have safe, secure and tested forms of fall protection to safeguard the interests of their employees.

One of the most standard forms of fall protection in the construction industry comes in the form of a guardrail. Guardrails border the perimeter of a roof or ledge to provide a barrier at required height regulations to provide an effective boundary to ensure employees or personnel do not fall over the edge should an accident occur.

At Heightsafe Systems, we have a variety of guardrails on offer at prices that can’t be beaten. Our ranges include the standard guardrail, curved guardrail, collapsible guardrail, parapet guardrail and topfix guardrail.

A standard guardrail is easy to install, tough and effective, while the curved guardrail can be seen as a more aesthetically pleasing option with an attractive 60 degree curve. The curve not only guarantees safety, but is also commercially viable as it cannot be seen from street level.

The collapsible guardrail is freestanding and easy to assemble and dismantle, and is the preferred option when working on historical or listed buildings. The parapet guardrail, as the name suggests, reaches to the height of a parapet. Our Topfix guardrail is a more permanent solution, however, and can be fully secured onto strong coping stones.

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