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Guardrails – Bearing The Load

Guardrails will always have to bear some kind of load, whether they are based in public zones or raised for employee protection. Not only will they have to withstand pressures such as people leaning against them, but they will always have to compete with adverse weather conditions – especially when the elements begin to wear down the surface they are fixed to.

This fact is especially prevalent for guardrails posted on rooftops. A guardrail is essential for all roofs that provide regular access to the general public or your employees to comply with strict government health and safety regulations. However, what you may not know is that there are specific measurements that guardrails can be set at so as not to damage the materials of the building on long term basis.

When installing edge protection systems many companies will weight their systems at every 2m. We insist on weighting our guardrails every 5m at Heightsafe Systems which will in effect give less load for the roof to bear, distributing it out evenly and avoiding structural damage. Our guardrails are also lighter than your average system – each one is made from 2mm of galvanised steel and is also quicker to install than our competitors’.

You don’t only have to consider protecting people when you look to raise a guardrail system, you also have to consider the building it is being affixed to or how sturdy the surrounding materials are. By incorporating Heightsafe Systems’ lightweight yet evenly distributed guardrails, you’ll not only be offering edge protection to the public but also guaranteeing a system that won’t damage its surroundings.

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