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Height Safety Equipment can be Redundant without Suitable Training

It is a happy fact that protective height safety measures and aerial apparatus of all kinds is now widely available for you to purchase. Indeed, everything from lanyards and inertia reels to guardrails and cable systems can now be purchased quickly and easily on the Internet. Naturally, this is very good news for your aerial workers as they can be sure the solutions you source will suit their requirements exactly.

All the Gear, but no Idea?
Of course, sourcing physical safety measures is not enough in itself to ensure the safety of operatives who have to carry out their tasks at height.  In order to optimise their safety, aerial workers will need to know everything about the measures you source for them and be highly proficient in how best to use them.

In short, they need to be suitably trained.

Without proper training, even the most state-of-the-art and user friendly working at height measures and safety gear can be made somewhat redundant. Quite simply, safety measures and effective training go hand in hand; therefore it is essential that your operatives receive both.

Suitable Training
Whilst suitable safety training is often crucial in any industry; it is arguably even more important within occupational sectors that require operatives to carry out tasks high above the ground.  After all, people who work at height put themselves in great danger whenever they ascend buildings or structures to take on an aerial task. To be sure, a brief lapse in concentration or slight false move can often be enough to cost one of these brave individuals their wellbeing (or even their life).

So, it really is fair to say that effective training is certainly a worthy investment.

We here at Heightsafe are the UK’s leading supplier of aerial safety measures therefore we fully appreciate just how important it is to keep people who work at height safe and well. As well as offering a wide array of high-quality fall arrest and protection measures which can help to achieve this, we also provide training courses of the very highest order too.

Indeed, we offer a number of different courses which can be of benefit to your aerial workers.

These courses include:

BA3 Breathing Apparatus Wearer
CP2 EHO Confined Space Entry to Cable Tunnel or Service Duct
Confined Space Supervisor
CP1 Confined Space Entrant and Topman (Vertical Entry)
CP4 Confined Vessel Entry
HA1 Height Safety and Harness Appreciation

In addition to helping prevent accidents among your aerial workers, training courses like these can also boost your own peace of mind (as well as that of your workers). Indeed, you will have more confidence in your employees’ abilities to protect themselves from harm, whilst the workers themselves will able to carry out their tasks with greater assurance and self-belief.

So, if you want to ensure your aerial workers are comprehensively protected, make sure you invest in suitable training as well as high-quality safety measures from us here at Heightsafe.

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