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Height Safety is Vital when Dealing with Skylights

Skylights serve an important purpose in many buildings around the UK. They allow natural light into buildings and this can be important to boost the morale of those inside the constructions. They are particularly useful in industrial premises.

However, there are certain risks associated with these features and it is vital that these dangers are controlled. Indeed, if your building has skylights, ensuring they do not pose a danger to workers should be an integral part of your height safety policy.

Over the years, these rooflights can become brittle as a result of the weather conditions they are subject to. Intense sunlight, prolonged damp periods, ice and snow during winter and so all serve to weaken the materials. This means they are prone to cracking.

If you leave them uncovered and without any rails or other such safety precautions, you run the risk that someone will fall through the lights. This could result in serious injury or even death and incidents like this are sadly all too common.

However, if you come here to Heightsafe Systems for help, we can provide you with superb covers that provide protection and prevent such incidents occurring. These offerings are perfect for both acrylic dome and corrugated fibreglass rooflights.

Indeed, this form of protection completely eliminates the risk of falling through the skylights for anyone working at height.

To find out more about the products we offer, including our fall arrest equipment, simply take a look around our website. We should have the ideal solutions for you.

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