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Height Safety Solutions to Suit your Company’s Needs

It doesn’t matter if you have a head for heights or suffer with vertigo whenever you step four rungs up a ladder; you will appreciate that being high up can be a very risky business. So, if you are fortunate enough to own your own company, you should have a great deal of admiration for the brave employees who earn their money by carrying out potentially dangerous duties on the roof and exterior of your premises.

Without doubt, any type of work that gets carried out on the upper extremities of your company’s building is extremely risky. Indeed, one false move or unexpected slip can expose an aerial worker to a fall which may radically change (or even end) their life.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you have measures in place which will enable your aerial workers to carry out their tasks in a safe and secure fashion.

Fortunately, we have a whole host of comprehensive height safety measures available here at Heightsafe, so you can be sure of finding a solution which will meet your own particular needs when you come to us. Indeed, the physical safety solutions and fall arrest apparatus we offer is widely regarded as being amongst the very best available; so, if you want to make sure your rooftop operations are as safe as they can possibly be, you really would be well advised to make us your first port of call.

So what kind of solution will best suit your needs?

Well, only a frank discussion with one of our advisors will be able to answer that question in full; however; we often find one (or both) of the below two options to be very beneficial solutions for a wide range of aerial applications.

Prevention is often Better than Cure!
Fall prevention is arguably the most important aspect of any aerial safety system therefore a guardrail can often be the most effective choice when it comes to maintaining a physical barrier between your employees and the edge of your building’s roof. Moreover, guardrails can also help to stop items from falling off of your rooftop and potentially injuring people at ground level.

Anchors Away!
Anchor points are well worth considering if your rooftop has an incline or is designed in such a way as to make guardrail systems impractical. An anchor point system works by tethering aerial workers so that they cannot actually reach the edge of the roof, thereby preventing them from getting into a position where they might fall. Without doubt, having your aerial workers equipped with a suitable harness and lanyard will significantly help to reduce their chances of falling.

These are just a few examples of the comprehensive safety measures which we are able to provide here at Heightsafe. To find out more about our invaluable offerings and get expert advice on which solutions will best suit your company’s needs, call 0845 6046890 or use our enquiry form to send us a email.

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